Super Bowl Photos

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{{popup janetjustinboob.jpg Janet’s boob at SuperBowl 391×514}}sup1_sm (4k image) {{popup janetjustinboob2.jpg sup2 378×594}} {{popup janetjustinboob3.jpg Janet’s boob at SuperBowl 393×594}}sup1_sm (4k image) {{popup janetjustinboob4.jpg sup2 410×340}} {{popup janetboobyahoo.jpg Janet’s boob at SuperBowl 374×450}}sup1_sm (4k image)
{{popup janetlargesuperbowlboob.jpg Janet’s boob at SuperBowl 768×432}} {{popup janet-1.jpg Janet at SuperBowl 378×594}}



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

7 replies on “Super Bowl Photos”

This is great. Pretty lucky of Janet to have a nipple covering on the day that someone accidently rips off half of her bustier. 😉

LMAFO! goodness this is PRICELESS i can’t help but wonder if justin intentionaly did this to one up britney and her little kiss with madonna? psshh unintentional my ass justin.

Wow what as*holes, ya’ll really need to learn how to spell before you start insulting people (bich,ho) :P. It hasn’t hurt her career at all her fans still love her and the song is getting alot of love plus now everybody they’re not fake like some were claiming and on top of that they’re real fine 😀
The only person that’s gonna suffer in the long run is justin ’cause now everyone has seen how spineless and backstabbing he really is.

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