NFL official statement slates MTV

Statement by NFL Executive Vice President Joe Browne regarding the Super Bowl halftime show: “We were extremely disappointed by elements of the MTV-produced Halftime show. They were totally inconsistent with assurances our office was given about the show. It’s unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime.”



By Darren

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I don’t buy that for a minute. . . someone knew. . . be it MTV or CBS. someone knew, but now parents are all in a tizzy, and everyone is passing the buck. Personally, I thought it was hilarious.


That was definitely planned, and an excellent publicity stunt before the new CD. I’m sure Janet doesn’t wear sparkly pasties just for the heck of it… 😉

NO Question….that was definitely planned and planned well! This will put the spotlight on Janet and off Michael for a few days, weeks…You go JANET!!

I loved that performance. Its was planned. Justin getting back at Britney and Madonna thang. But this was wayyyyy better, Janet is Back

Yo you know how that was planned – cos he Justin said imma have ya naked by the end of this song and bam there went the right breast. Plus if it was a wardrobe malfunction it wouldn’t have came off that neatly to expose in one shot. CBS knew and when things got heated then they wanted to throw the heat on MTV. go to it will tell u the head of CBS knew

there is a famous moment in russian ballet history in the early 1900’s, where a ballerian, and i won’t pretend to know her name, bared her left breast . this act shocked the audience yet it sent waves rippling through the erudite community that stood the art world on its head. i hope and believe that janet had the same lofty goals in mind when she bared her breast. kudos to her for being a true artist and pushing the envelope.

This is all just talk, believe that, but I think they’re angry coz whether negative or not Janet totally stole the show and the next day more people were talkin’ ’bout her than the actual game. Go on gurl u make headlines everytime

omg.. i cant believe Janet did that! I never knew she was that kool about stuff like that! Shez TOTALLY better than the other slutz Britney and Madonna! She kickz @$$!!!!

<3 ya.. xoO*porsha
IM me if ya wanna chat! xototalflirtox92! 😀

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