Janet attends Super Bowl Press Conference

Janet today attended a press conference to promote the half-time show for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The show, which airs to a potential audience of 1 billion worldwide, will see Janet take to a 120-foot stage.
The stage will have to be constructed in about 7 1/2 minutes and dismantled in six minutes. Some 350 local volunteers have been charged with the task.
Janet did not speak about the show and simply appeared at the end of the conference to pose for photos with the other stars, P Diddy, Kid Rock and Nelly.
Meanwhile, Janet’s boyfriend Jermaine Dupri revealed to Access Hollywood that Janet could be performing more than two songs.
“My girl’s doing the halftime show. I’ve been to rehearsal with her everyday. It’s something to see,” he revealed. “There are a lot of dancers. But I can’t expose all the secrets. You got to see it on game day.”
However, Jermaine did divulge that Janet will be performing more than one song.
“I heard three or four,” he said.

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By Darren

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Janet looks so good. Now this proves to everybody that janet is not having a baby. Man, janet looks really great. What is your secert? love you janet can’t wait until the performances and the album.

Look at mt wifey :rolleyes: she is fine as all hell.

hey tequila not diss earlier. It’s all good :blush:

No disrespect Jason, but I think you and I will have to share her as wifey. I would turn straight for her, and that is the ultimate for me!!!!! :hehe:

She looks wonderful, statuesque and as stunning as ever. And oh yes, definetly sexy as can be. ;P~ Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us at the superbowl performance & of course the new album.
Love you Dunk.

well it’s quite obvious that Janet ha lost that weight she had put on earlier. Ofcoarse Janet is always beautiful no matter what size she is. Can’t wait to see the halftime show. 😀 😀 😀

I’m just glad that all of you haters can finally stop talking about her weight. i think she looks great and even better that when she was on the all for you tour.

damnnn JANET looks f*ckin hott she is so damn fine. she looks good being the only female with the guys.even if f*ckin diddy is being like always trying to get really close to her :angry: am glad beyonce is not in the pics. love you JANET JACKSON. 😛 :hehe: 🙂

Don’t want to sound like a broken reord, but like everybody is sayin’…


Janet and Kid Rock were the only people that changed their clothes for practice. Ya’ll I don’t wanna spoil it but it’ll be pretty hot ! I watched Janet pratice last night (she was wearing a white sweater it was cute and she kept gettin’ hot and fannin herself with her sweater) . The suprise is cool 2 wait till ya’ll see it !
Del Barrio

why is janet the only 1 smiling in those pics?! she luks gr8.
Didnt she dump that short ass jd? when did they get back 2geva? DUMP HIM GIRL, HE AINT GOOD ENUFF. ,

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