Super Bowl to include 3000 extras

From New York Daily Post:

Janet nabs Super spot

Janet Jackson is the top-billed performer for Super Bowl XXXVIII’s show.

Super Bowl XXXVIII brings along one of the biggest halftime shows ever.
Janet Jackson, last seen arm and arm in a California court house with her brother Michael, will headline the show, which will include 3,000 extras and take hundreds of technicians to pull off.

While Jackson is the main star, the other folks on the lineup are far from chump change; in any other venue they would be major acts on the their own: Alongside Jackson on the lineup are country-rocker-rapper Kid Rock, and rappers Nelly and Sean (P. Diddy) Combs.

And they’re just for the halftime portion of the show.

Beyoncé Knowles will belt out the national anthem; country giants Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Josh Groban and Latin sensation Walter Suhr and Mango Punch will perform during the pre-game show.

Although the entire day is jam packed with big-name acts, it’s the halftime show that tends to draw the biggest stars and the most attention.

“It’s a challenge,” Salli Frattini, executive producer of the halftime show said of the finalizing the lineup. “You’re trying to find music for everybody. The other thing is, you’re trying to give the people something they haven’t seen in a while.”

For example, Jackson hasn’t toured recently and has a new album coming out.

Viewers can also expect the unexpected, with surprise performers showing up.

“You’re going to see, really, every 90 seconds, something happening,” Frattini said of the production. “There will be act changes, music changes, stage changes, lighting changes. We have several acts. We’re trying to hit all types of music.”

The Super Bowl has been a star magnet for some time now. Last year, Shania Twain and No Doubt performed. In previous years, such acts as U2, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, ‘N Sync and Christina Aguilera have taken the stage.

The incentive for performers to turn out for the Super Bowl is massive exposure. For what amounts to a little bit of work on their end, they’ll be seen by millions of viewers watching the game.

An average of 88 million people watched the Super Bowl last year. If a small percentage of that audience gets a favorable impression of a recording artist, the number will beat any other television appearance they can make.



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One reply on “Super Bowl to include 3000 extras”

What I just don’t get out of all of this is: the half time show w/ janet and justin, last night. There is no mention of this event inline, anywhere. On the news, it was said that the performance was not planned that way and that the nfl was upset. speculations that even Janet herslf knew nothing about Justin’s plan to remove her top revealing a breast. Well, not that I was expecting it, but what I saw was a man in smiles and a women in harmonic happiness dancing provocatively on stage and in the end both were still all smiles as her breast was exposed. Was it me, or did she have a nipple chain on? looked to nme that the costume was made for just an event…. it came off vitually effortlessly. why hide it?????
If it was intentional then they got what they were looking for…ATTENTION from fans worldwide. RIDE WITH IT!!!!!!!!
and even if it was a mistake, STILL< why hide it.

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