Janet on the cover of Essence Magazine with Beyonc� and Mary J Blige


Janet will appear on the cover of Essence Magazine’s bumper June edition posing with Beyoncé Knowles and Mary J Blige, Janet Love can reveal.

However, The Daily Mirror claims that 22-year-old Beyoncé, who has been nominated for two Brit Awards, only agreed to do the shoot if she was in the middle. But execs at Essence want superstar Janet in the centre.

All three artists have agreed to pose. But no one’s had the guts to tell Beyoncé that she’ll be shunted to one side to make room for Janet.

A magazine insider told a British newspaper today: “This is going to be the biggest diva-fest since Whitney duetted with Mariah. Beyoncé may have got her way with Destiny’s Child, but this is a whole different kettle of fish. It’s going to be hard to keep everyone and their entourages happy.

“Beyoncé is the hottest thing in music right now – she has four Grammy nominations, number ones all over the globe and wants to take centre stage. But as far as Janet’s concerned, it’s a case of ‘been there, done that’.”

The pair meet at next month’s Super Bowl, where is Janet is the star of the half-time entertainment and Beyoncé is to sing the US national anthem at the start.

Maybe they can fight it out then!