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Fox News: The only Jackson who’s not regularly involved in a scandal is making some big plans.

I am told that Janet Jackson will headline the Super Bowl at the end of January, creating a half-time show that’s sure to set off fireworks. The deal is being put into place now.

Janet, Michael’s younger sister, has so far stayed mum about her brother’s problems. And that’s probably the way she will remain. The pop singing sensation has a new album due in March, produced by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis, and she’s not about to let herself be dragged into Michael’s troubles.

“It’s too bad, because in 1993-94 she was just starting to do press for an album when that scandal broke,” says an insider, “and all the press would ask about is Michael. And here [we] are again.”

Janet is said to almost be done with the putting the finishing touches on the new record, which will feature some lush ballads as well as her trademark dance numbers.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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March??? 😛 When is the single gonna hit radios that is most important to me right now. Anyone know? I might be able to find out by looking at past albums.

oH! PLEASE be very careful making light of "his" problems …it’s he say, she say..and a bunch of media MESS AND ALOT OF FALSE INFORMATION BEING PASSED AS news. after all he is FAMILY and the family is very close. BLOOD will always be thicker than water………….PEACE j!

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