New photo of Janet and JD

{{popup 00096-jd-big.jpg Janet and JD 375×445}}Janet and JD at PearlAs reported earlier in the week, Janet and JD recently attended Usher’s 25th birthday party at Pearl in Hollywood. A new photo has emerged showing the couple arriving for the bash and you can enlarge it by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.



By Darren

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Not exatly catchin’ JD and Janet at their best, but I guess that was the point. The paparazzi has a way of gettin on people’s nerves….

There has to be a another reason. She is at the same weight as she was for the premier of Nutty Professor 2. And she still looked good then and she does in this pic too!


I can not beleive Janet got with JD she is supose to be with me man i love. But i ain’t no hater so i wish them luck yeh they do look cute but we will look cuter. :angry: :satisfied:

:(I really wish Janet would stop seeing him…there have been a lot of guys saying she’s turning them off by being with JD

I agree with Joe Joe and I’m one of the guys that’s turned off. I mean it’s hard because I’m a huge fan of hers but man, JD…Janet? Her takes something away from her. She’s not that attractive to me anymore because JD rubs off on her in a negative way…I hate to say it but he’s making her look STANK!!! Yall other catz on here saying that "they look cute 2gether" and ish…know you lying. JD doesn’t compliment Janet at all. In that pic she actually looks like she’s trying to hide. I don’t know what it is but I truely don’t believe it’s love on her part. The don’t mix at all. When she was with Rene I still had a crush on her but now all of that is gone. I don’t even look at her in a way of someone I fantasize and want to be with anymore. I’m just waiting for the album and I hope it turns out better than AFY. I also hope she’s not letting him do any tracks because JD’s production is whack and is rapping is even worse. On a brighter note (because I don’t hate…I congratulate but tell the truth at the same time) if they are truely in love…best of luck but J doesn’t need to be trying to get married again she needs to focus on her career. My vote is two thumbs down with JD. 🙁

Hey took a look in the mirror you guys hate’n on jd….Like yall look like some damn beauty queens ya damn self.

I mean yall call yourselves so called janet fans and half of you don’t even listen to her songs. For instance Doesn’t Really Matter. Some of yall really need to listen to the words.

I mean can’t the woman be happy I mean damn.

I really feel sorry for her and jd…know wonder janet doesn’t get asked out that much and when she finally gets someone to ask her out like JD everybody wants to hate on the man. I mean damn homie has feel’ns too.

I mean how do you think janet feels? Half of the media are trying to break them up. The other half has them married and as for the whole industry most of the other male artist, entertainers, whatever are hate’n on Jd for even having janet. As far as that goes IMO none of the other guys had the BALLS TO EVEN ASK JANET OUT. SO I SAY LET THEM BE. D-A-M-N.

What is all of this "look in the damn mirror"? I do that every damn day and I look 100% better than JD since you brought it up. It’s not all about the looks. It’s like JD is just using Janet as a trophy. All he does is brag about his relationship with Janet. Saying stuff like "we getting married soon", or doing an interview with her t-shirt on (that took the cake by the way). Don’t no grown ass man wear his woman’s t-shirt to a interview.

How come Janet isn’t saying anything. If she’s such a private person then why is she allowing JD to speak on their relationship every chance he gets.

If you are genuinely in love with someone why do you have to broadcast it. I wouldn’t…I would just say "no comment" or "that’s my business" because I wouldn’t need to justify anything to anyone except my lover.

JD once said "I don’t make money to advertise my romance". Well he sure seems like he’s taking every opportunity thus far to do so.


What’s up with u guy’s, With all this fussing. Janet is n love, She say’s she likes her private life, it seems to me she like both Jermaine and Justin. Did ya’ll see E true hollywood storys they talk about both JD and Justin and she does not say anything negative about either of them. I think she has slept with them both, so u know Janet has some skeltons to hide and she’s still sneaks around with Justin.

😀 Janet looks great, I think JD and her make a cute couple. This gives Janet a Kinda Hip Hop style to her. But Janet is the type woman that makes her own decsion for herself so if she’s happy with him we as fans she be happy for her.

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