Beenie Man Says Janet Is A Bad Girl


From The Launch:

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Grammy Award-winning reggae artist Beenie Man is gearing up for the release of his new album, Tropical Storm, on August 20. The set features guest appearances by Lil’ Kim, Sean Paul, Baby Cham, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Lady Saw, and last but not least Janet Jackson.

Jackson provided vocals for the Neptunes-produced first single, “Feel It Boy,” after Beenie Man opted not to go with the original chorus, which was sung by Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, and after Virgin Records was unable to get a release from Jive Records for the contributions of R&B singer Joe, who stepped in to replace Williams.

Beenie Man told LAUNCH that afterwards Virgin executives decided to keep it in the family and have Jackson lay down the vocals. Beenie Man recently shared with LAUNCH what it was like shooting the video for the song with Jackson. “Janet is a bad girl–she is sexy as hell,” he said. “She knows the song from back to front. She knows my part and her part, and she sing all the ad libs in the video that I sing, so you know how much deep she’s into the song.”