US Promo DVD cover


{{popup uspromodvd.jpg US Promo DVD 751×500}} {{popup uspromodvd2.jpg US Promo DVD 466×469}}

A lot of people have been asking about the mysterious new DVD cover that is popping up. It is in fact the PROMOTIONAL DVD for the US and the cover and disc can be seen above thanks to Alan. It is currently unknown whether the actual DVD will have the same cover or the same disc label. For your information, there are no extra features on this version of the DVD but the camera angles are the same as the UK and International Versions. You Ain’t Right and All For You are merged into one track are Come Back To Me and Let’s Wait Awhile. The mistake in Trust A Try is also there. This DVD was only shipped to certain shows for promotional purposes – for example to be shown on big screens in music stores.

The DVD will be released in the US on September 3rd.