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A lot of people have been asking about the mysterious new DVD cover that is popping up. It is in fact the PROMOTIONAL DVD for the US and the cover and disc can be seen above thanks to Alan. It is currently unknown whether the actual DVD will have the same cover or the same disc label. For your information, there are no extra features on this version of the DVD but the camera angles are the same as the UK and International Versions. You Ain’t Right and All For You are merged into one track are Come Back To Me and Let’s Wait Awhile. The mistake in Trust A Try is also there. This DVD was only shipped to certain shows for promotional purposes – for example to be shown on big screens in music stores.

The DVD will be released in the US on September 3rd.



By Darren

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how come there r no extra features on the U.S. version of the All For U dvd and there r extra footage on the European version?
P.S. u did a good job by putting the extra footage in the multimedia part of your site.

I love the picture on the DVD. Better than the UK one with the Trust A Try pic. We waited to danm long for not having extra stuff that wasn’t in the UK DVD. Danm!!!

I am kind of bummed about the picture on the U.S. dvd.. i thought the trust a try picture was great.. oh well, i just can’t wait to finally get it!

Yea, that pic on the u.k dvd is better. Oh well, least the dvd is coming out on the 3rd.

*saving money*

Yeah i have to agree, the design of the european edition is a lot better, let’s just hope it’s only a promo copy. the flowers behind her on the cover? tacky, and the font they used? boring. also, i’ve been looking for the aussie dvd everywhere, but no one is stocking it until the next couple days, what’s goin on?

I like the flowers in the background.. I think it adds a good extra touch to it… But I have to agree about the font.

that cover is only the hawaii screener (a promo sample sent out to important people). I agree the flowers look taky it looks like a bootleg-luckly this is only rhe promo COVER! I dont like how they used a pic from the all for you special edition photo shoot-it looks WAY TACKY-they should’ve used one with her running under the waterfall-or like one with a simple bathingsuit on…ttyl!

HEY I TRIED ordering the DVD from canada on Tuesday, the release date, 16 Jul.02 and they didn’t have it, I live in TX so i was trying to get the dvd early, and I called and they guy at the store said, that they didn’t know when they would be getting any in from their supplier. This sucks….I’m just a heart-felt janet fan like everyone else, but why is all this happening with this DVD?…….. help….

I was just in canada-i didnt see it anyware. It might be out there tho. I am dying to get it also…let me no if u get ne luck.

sorry to comment after my last post but, make sure if you live in the states its region 1. A region 1 dvd isnt availble exept for the promo. On some sites (example have it but its all region 0 or 2. I dont care I am still gonna get one somehow! If I find one ill letcha all no (btw shipping from and to europe is like $10.00)

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