NEW Colour Feel it Boy Video Photos


{{popup ne_fib1.jpg Feel It Boy Video 331×696}} {{popup ne_fib2.jpg Feel It Boy Video 312×501}} {{popup ne_fib3.jpg Feel It Boy Video 311×428}} {{popup ne_fib4.jpg Feel It Boy Video 245×377}} {{popup ne_fib5.jpg Feel It Boy Video 276×644}}

The following photos have been released from the set of the Feel It Boy video. You can find them in the current issue of NATIONAL ENQUIRER with Julia Roberts on the cover. Here is the accompanying short article:

Janet Jackson Serves Up Sex On The Beach
Sensual singer Janet Jackson busts a move with reggae artist Beenie Man on California’s Zuma Beach while filming her new video, Feel It Boy. And he certainly does! Between takes, Miss J. snuggles in terry cloth, but when the cameras roll, she and her co-star drop the coverups and their inhibitions, to groove to the beat, leaving us panting for the video debut. Says an eyewitness: “It was very seductive!”