Janet and Justin – it’s spreading!


The news is rapidly spreading across the internet and although it may be pure speculation and gossip, there is no smoke without fire – so we thought we’d collate just some of the articles that have been written:

From today’s British tabloid THE SUN:
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has a new woman to fill BRITNEY SPEARS’ shoes.
The NSYNC star is dating JANET JACKSON who at 36 is 15 years his senior.
The two made their affair public at MISSY ELLIOTT’s birthday party in a Miami club where they snogged in front of celebs including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and TOBEY MAGUIRE.
One of Justin’s friends said: “They started making out in front of everyone. It was the talk of the party. There is real chemistry between them.”
Justin’s publicist said: “Last week People magazine named Justin as the most eligible bachelor in the world. I guess he’s fulfilling that role well.”
Janet is a far cry from holier-than-thou Britney. She has many, ahem, intimate piercings and has even admitted having lesbian longings.
She says there is one thing she really likes in a guy – “a good-sized package”. Sounds like Justin is in for some fun – if he can measure up.

From today’s British newspaper, THE MIRROR:
JUSTIN Timberlake, 21, looks like he’s burnt his bridges as far as former love Britney Spears is concerned.
But luckily, another sexy singer is helping him get over his, er, heartache. Step forward recently divorced 36-year-old, Janet Jackson.
Reports reach us of some very public displays of affection between the stars – despite the 15-year age gap. “Janet and Justin just started making out in front of everyone,” a spy at Missy Elliott’s recent birthday bash revealed. “She was grinding all over Justin – just going buck wild!”

From UK music website, DOTMUSIC and LAUNCH.COM:
Janet Jackson is romantically involved with N’Sync star and former boyfriend of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, according to reports.
The duo allegedly met up at a birthday party for rapper Missy Elliott and began “making out”, with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire also in attendance, claims the NY Post.
“Janet and Justin just started making out in front of everyone. It’s like they wanted the whole place to know,” an eyewitness stated.
The couple were first spotted together two weeks ago by Janet’s ex, Jermaine Dupri, at a nightclub in LA. On that instance a source said: “Janet was on the dance floor grinding all over Justin. She was going buck wild.”
However, a source close to Justin has suggested that the relationship is not “exclusive”. Only last week, People magazine in America named Timberlake among the world’s most eligible bachelors, and until recently, newspaper reports have romantically linked Justin with one of Janet’s stage dancers.

From UK music website, WORLDPOP:
Janet Jackson is rumoured to be romantically involved with Britney Spears’ ex, Justin Timberlake.
According to the NY Post, the two were spotted locking lips last weekend at Missy Elliott’s birthday party. Sources told the paper that Janet and Justin hooked up on a giant mattress surrounded by 60 guests, including movie stars Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.
‘Janet and Justin just started making out in front of everyone,’ one partygoer reported. ‘It’s like they wanted the whole place to know.’
The couple were first spotted together at an LA nightclub two weeks ago by Janet’s ex, the rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri. ‘Janet had paged Jermaine and told him to come meet her at this club,’ a source reported. ‘But when he showed up Janet was on the dance floor grinding all over Justin. She was going buck wild. Jermaine was not happy.’
A friend of Timberlake’s revealed that the relationship had been going on for some time. ‘Clearly, something’s been going on for a while. A lot of people are amazed no one noticed.’ However, the friend didn’t think Timberlake’s fling with Jackson was an ‘exclusive’ relationship.

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