Janet & Justin?

According to a radio source rumours are circulating that Ms Jackson and Mr Timbalake were seen kissing at Missy “Misdemeanour” Elliot’s recent birthday bash. This was heard today on various radio staions and seen on many chat rooms. Janet is said to be “playing the field”, whilst Timbalake was rumoredd to be dating Jenna Dewan, one of Janet’s “All For You Tour” dancers and *Nsync stage dancers. None of the two have commented on the situation, but the people at Janet Love will keep you posted on yet another crazy rumour!

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By Darren

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Please…..what would janet want w/ a lil boy like that. I don’t even believe that one, and I wouldn’t have even posted some bull***t like that.

hell naw thats got to be a rumor. They don’t even make a good couple. He’s tooooooooooooooooooooo damn young. He needs to stick with his backup dancer.

Im sure your allowed to kiss someone young. I wanna know how they were kissing!! A kiss can be just a nice little peck , and I can see Janet doin that !! Even if I had a chance to kiss Justin, I would!!

If this is true prepare for Janets & Justins future career to go down hill because that sure as hell dont look right in any angle u look at it! Plus, Britney Spears & her fans would have a big fit! lol

I agree with the commet made by dawg. This just do not look right. I hope everyone will keep in mind that the media does have the tendency to add more to a story than what is true.

Okay here we go…..Janet is not havin any kind of fling with justin!!!! and If speculation has it they were kissin it was the friendly type nothin beyond that…Okay nada…..capishhhh lol aight ppl Love
p.s and even if it was true I don’t agree with janets career ever goin down hill….. *Janet forever* Peace

i could see something like that happenin…first off justin has a mad crush on janet, that’s been known……secondly janet’s a freak….

but anyway, i thought she was dating jermaine dupri??

I also read this story in the New York post, where they go into much more detail, who cares if its true or not.

but janet’s in her 30’s and we all know what happens to women in their 30s, they need that young. raw, hardcore…. sorry i got carried away. but its true. i could never believe she’s with jermain, ewww

What the hell, Naw Janet and Justin, I really don’t even believe it, Janet is the best,a nd Justin sucks, he probably needed promission to kiss Janet. By the way, I thought Janet was going out with Matthew McConaghy, however you pronounce his last name.


Lol at the whole rumor. Man, I swear everytime that girl is seen with someone the press suggest that it’s her new man. What’s next, her and Marilyn Manson LMAO.

justin is not good enuff for janet. janet needs to check herself.. she needs ta get with denzel or some otha fine black man.. mm..

Hello to all!!

Why the hell do you all care really..?? If Janet is doing her thing with justin let her do her thing..We really dont know enything yet do we ?? its funny how janet fans are so angry when ever somthing is said about janet..But her you all are (Almost) saying trash about justin & britney.Its okay to be a hard core janet fans but guys there are ppl that love justin & ppl like brit to..what was it janet said on The Rhythm Nation 1814 album!! in complete darkness we are all the same!! gives somthing to think about dont it???

Kind Regards

René Andersen

It’s good to care who Janet is dating, we all love her!! Liike your just gonna ignore it!! I don’t know how old Justin is , I just know that he is talented and good looking. I know he is lower 20’s, but, how can anyone judge him, unless you know who he is? How do you know what he has gone through? I just think Janet really needs to be with someone she is interested in. Alot of her music is about her problems in relationships. She has been through alot in relationships. Now, if this were a Justin website,and you were a big fan of his, would you say that Janet is to old for him and his carrer would be over? or would you say " WOW" I wish I can meet someone as kind, talented,original and beautiful as Janet? If this is a rumour, what else is new. If you ask me I need to hear it from her if if she is interested in him. I agree with Lee, JDJstar,Ebony,Kendra and Rene!!

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