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Janet Love can now bring you some of the bonus features which are found on the LIVE IN HAWAII DVD. Many of you have asked us to put up files of the documentary and added Would You Mind performances because you can’t bear to wait until September 3rd when it is released in the US.

You can now find Real Video files of the 10-minute documentary, which features behind the scenes footage, clips of unseen performances plus an interview with Janet which is previously unseen in full.

Also, for the next five days, we’re going to be adding a different WOULD YOU MIND performance – all of which can be found on the DVD. Be warned though…If you don’t want to spoil the extra features for when you buy the DVD then you shouldn’t download our files. But seeing as most of you can’t wait, they are here if you want them. We will feature WOULD YOU MIND performances from the following shows: Washington DC (18 August 2001), Grand Rapids MI (30 January 2002), Buffalo NY (10 August 2001), Charlotte NC (21 October 2001) and Phoeniz AZ (27 September 2001). If you were one of the “victims” on any of these nights, or you were in the audience, make sure you download them when we add them. To watch the videos, click the logo below:



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

23 replies on “Download DVD Bonus Features now!”

On the doc 2 my video keeps sayin rebuffering on the four people are hold the big sign that says All For You in yellow, what should i do??????? please help

The time that it stops at is 1:17 and then it says rebuffereing and then it doesnt do anythin for along time and i cant watch it?


My would You mind says the same thin rebuffering when it gets to 1:56, i really want to see these videos what should i do??????, the first video was fine i dunno what to do ill try the other videos over??????


Can someone please help me cause i really want to watch those videos and they keep stoping at the same spot, can someone please help me out it will be a lot of help. What should i do to make those videos play, Am I the only one with that problem?? HELP PLEASE


Hey it works for me. Its nice Daz. you’re are truly a good janet fan, for hookin’ us up like this. I LOVE THE CLIP OF COME ON GET UP!!!!!!!! THAT IS MY FAV!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN WATCH THAT OVER AND AND OVER AGAIN…… i love the part when in the opening…..when she ‘taps’ her foot for ‘i feel so free……etc’ lol as you can see i’m very excited. thanks again Daz.

I saved all of them and the only ones that plays is the play are the doc 1 and the grand ripids wym

I saved all of them and the only ones that plays is the play are the doc 1 and the grand ripids wym, i love that part when she does the tap also (LOL)

I saved all of them and the only ones that plays is the play are the doc 1 and the grand ripids wym, i love that part when she does the tap also (LOL)


Speacial & D/Z,
Does all of you videos play fine???? my wym washington, and my doc2 wont play all the way and i saved them and played them and they didnt work, and i try to play them from the links of the web page so what do i do???????????????????


Instead of clicking on the link, right click on the link and then SAVE TARGET AS… to save it to your hard drive.

Hope this helps


When the DVD comes out in other countries can people in the US just buy it from them on EBay or something? Please someone let me know, i want it BAD, 🙂 Thanks


Sorry for not posting yesterday…went to Party In The Park and was really nakkered. Next video will be up tonight.

Its Ok D/Z, I am really lookin forward to seein those videos, cause the first two (WYM Videos) were funny. I See u had fun at the party(Lol)


I hope That mistake on Trust A Try isnt on the US DVD, What happened anyway (LOL) that wasnt sopossed to be there.(LOL)

D/Z do u think that u can make one special post for me(LOL) I really want know if u can post the video for Come On Get Up, if u could that would make my day(Lol) if u cant its ok but if u could thanks a mill.


Hi i saw the trust a try video and i didnt really see the mistake. so if no one minds telling me what it was. i would really appreciat i. thanks

So D/Z What do u think about addin Come On Get Up???????????? I would really like to see it would be a token in honor from me to u if u post that video.


Thanks D/Z I Luv U So Much thanks for adding that video for some of us thanks a mill i reallly Luv D/Z, D/Z is the man.

thanks a mill

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