Hawaii DVD and VHS US release date

{{popup fulldvdnew.jpg EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii DVD Cover 802×536}}JANET LOVE can confirm that “JANET JACKSON: LIVE IN HAWAII” DVD and VHS will be released in the US on 3rd September 2002. International release dates include:

UK and France ~ June 24
Several other European countries ~ June 24

(check with your local distributor or video store)
Japan ~ June 26
Australia ~ July 15
United States ~ September 3



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

6 replies on “Hawaii DVD and VHS US release date”

Wow, that’s a long wait for me. September 3rd? But I guess it’s only fair since Janet came to perform in the US first.

Im Pissed, but I can understand why they did it like that though but that is a long time for me. They should have stuck with the first release date. Oh Well

Sep. 3 Damnnnnnnn. Thats a long time, but I will wait for my boo! By the way I wonder what it looks like under those flower necklaces.

The DVD is supposedly coming out in Canada on July 16th. If you really want it in advance, it will have the same region coding that the U.S. uses, so you could just get it from a Canadian store!

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