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Back on with Matthew?


janjapan1 (6k image)It seems to be turning into an escalating saga to see who can print the most information about Janet’s love life. Star magazine recently printed the following. Whether it’s true or not, no one knows:

Notoriously private Janet Jackson is doing everything she can to keep her new romance with Matthew McConaughey under wraps. But one of my eagle-eyed sources spotted The Wedding Planner star walking out of Janet’s Bel Air home one morning in a VERY good mood. He strolled out shirtless, carrying his shoes, with tousled curly hair, whistling a happy tune.




  1. Where’s the pics? I wrote about htis article in Janet-Talk. But don’t scanner! Need to post pics, if you have the whole article

  2. this has got o be the most rediculous thing I have heard. So he didn’t have time to put on his shirt and shoes? He was in a rush? Come on people.

  3. I’m so excited for J, whatever the case may be. As long as she’s happy, that’s all I care about. Just like her hit song says, "…the single life’s for me…" All I have to say is Go On and Get up Miss Janet. Love Ya!!

  4. Janet is a pimp!! she got these men wrapped around her finger, play on playa 🙂 I mean Janet got Q-Tip, Jonny Gill, Mathew, Wanya wrapped around finger. Janet must got some good you know what to have those men all up on her like that, but you know what? all those men are friends of Janet nothing more. I just love it when I get to talk about janet love life its fun 🙂

  5. This is hella funny. I wanna see the pix too. To whoever thought Janet was a shy and innocent soul, you guys have no idea!! Janet keeps her private life PRIVATE and i believe she is right, so let’s just keep this quiet…

  6. Go on Ms. Janet!! If you want my answer, I think Janet deserves it. After a 7 month tour that took it to the mat, I think she needs a little R&R with her special someone!!

  7. Janet Jackson deserves it. I think that’s why she wrote the song someone to call my lover. And she found her soul mate and lover in Mattew Mcconaughey.I’m so happy for her and I wish her the best. I love you Janet Jackson.good luck from you #1 fan cece


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