Janet dating Wanya Morris?

{{popup janetwanya1.jpg Janet and Wanya Morris in 1997 235×228}}Janet and Wanya Morris in 1997According to New York Daily News and British Tabloid The Sun, JANET has fallen for WANYA MORRIS of BOYZ II MEN. The singers have dated several times and have been spotted together shopping in Beverly Hills according to close friends. Wanya is Brandy’s ex. When his PR agent was questioned, the reply was, “I wish it were true,” adding that Janet has been friends with all the guys in the band for years. The photo on the left was taken on July 29, 1997 at Wanya’s 24th Birthday party.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I want to know how many times there is going to be an article about janet dating somebody. It has been less than a month and I have counted about four or five people that she is supposed to be dating. Can she just have friends? I personally don’t think this one is true though, he doesn’t seem like her type.

let see….janet( has been rumored to be dating )Jonny Gill, Q-Tip, Matthew, and now Wanya can janet just have friends. It seems everytime the media sees janet with a guy she got to be going out with him. They make janet seem like a pimp.

I agree 100% with Trina. can’t we just leave her alone?? Who hasn’t Janet dated?? Oh and I may add, she also was said to have dated Shawnette, Kelly Konno, Tina Landon (and there was a threesome or whatever). OH COME ON!!newspapers print anythang that would make them sell.

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