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Janet Love today announces the launch of a brand new website – Completely new and completely blank it needs YOUR input. It’s designed to be a Janet only version of popular website Wikipedia; a place where fans can research facts about Janet and add to existing information.

In order to encourage its growth, Janet Love is giving away 10 rare copies of the UK Feedback picture disc to the 10 people who contribute the most to Janet Wiki over the next 30 days. So get writing!

There’s very much an emphasis on Janet Wiki being written by fans and therefore it’s down to the fans as to whether it succeeds or not.

Each week we are going to set targets for articles that need writing. These are the priority and anything else you add is a bonus. You can find the week’s targets on the main page of

Nothing is too trivial for Janet Wiki. From tour dates to chart positions the aim is to get everything on there over time. If each fan writes just a few pages then the site will grow to become the best resource for Janet facts on the internet.

This means the emphasis is very much on you and each and every contribution is welcome. There is no editorial intervention except in instances where material may be deemed offensive and as the site grows, a set of standard formatting will be reached.

So head over to now and get writing and editing!

Darren Blogs

My favourite Feedback fan video

Without a shadow of a doubt, out of all the fan videos I’ve seen, this submission to Janet’s contest by BoogieZone is the best.

The 10-minute short dance film features a great mix of Janet tracks and so much effort and thought has clearly gone into it.

Well done to all involved. Watch it below.


Janet launches contest for fan-made Feedback video

In a message posted on Janet’s MySpace page this morning, a new competition was announced:

Give Me Your FEEDBACK and Win!

I want your Feedback! Create a video of you (by yourself, or with friends) performing a dance routine to “Feedback” and post it to my YouTube channel.

This contest is about art, and there are no losers in art, so winners will be chosen at random, but you do need to enter to win.

4 lucky winners will receive an iPod pre-loaded with my new album Discipline and the videos for “Feedback” and “Rock With U”.

Enter today at

All entries must be received by April 12th.