Janet learns about Cheeky Nandos and getting trollied

In an interview with Baby Spice Emma Bunton, Janet Jackson learnt some good old British phrases such as “Cheeky Nandos” and “getting trollied”.

Spice Girl Emma Bunton revealed that Janet is one of her favourite singers and that she grew up listening to Rhythm Nation and that she first danced with a boy to “Let’s Wait Awhile”.

Janet also spoke about the #MeToo movement as well as talking about how her son Eissa loves the piano.

When asked if she’d encourage him to be a musician, Janet said: “Only if he wants to be. But it’s not an easy life. So it’s truly up to him. If he has a passion for it. He loves piano. He loves drums. He loves music.”

Presenter Jamie Theakston then asked, “He’s not playing the piano before the age of two surely?”, to which Janet replied, “Yeah.”

“He doesn’t bang on it. You know most kids would bang on it? He actually … it’s really interesting because he’ll play a melody.”

“He’ll play something and he’ll go to another note, two notes. And then he’ll go back to the first two notes. And there’s a rhythm to it. It honestly blew my mind.”

Watch clips and listen to the full interview below.



By Darren

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