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Just quickly…

Hi all,

Huge apologies to everyone who tried to get on the site at midnight tonight. It appears that the viral effect of news spreading by the power that is the interweb meant that too many people logged on at the same time.

So once again, really sorry for that.

Finally, before I go to bed (2 hours later than I was planning!), I have to say guys, DON’T download the CD if you can help it. The tracks I had heard through my computer on MP3 format just DO NOT live up to what it sounds like on the real CD. Rock With You sounds VERY VERY different, 2Nite has a lot more bass. Greatest Ex has higher notes. If you can wait, WAIT. Trust me, as Janet says, she’ll “be worth the wait”.

That’s me over and out, severely tired.

Nitey nite


P.S. To all the haters that have been writing pretty abusive stuff on the forums, please remember that us webmasters don’t HAVE to do any of this. I choose to do it as a hobby, because I enjoy it and because I love Janet. The people behind websites also have feelings and although there are a lot of positive comments, it only takes one or two negative ones to make you question the work you do. But yes, if I’m honest, tonight I wish all I’d done is sit at home listening to my CD, watching the DVD and not even come online – but I did…for you.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

16 replies on “Just quickly…”

Please know that there are thousands that appreciate this website! I can’t thank you enough for creating a wonderful site for Janet fans. I want to commend and thank you for your time, effort, creativity, and dedication. Unfortunately there are a few folks suffering from a depressed and miserable life, so they try to inflict their pain onto others instead of getting help. What normal person takes time from their day to find dedicated Janet Jackson fan websites to post negative comments? NONE!!:)lol

Janet Love Rocks!

Dear Darren,
Honestly, I wish you would delete the negative comments but everyone is entitled to their opinion yet, many of these “fans” are immature! I appreciate your site and I am coming here more often then the other ones. I am in Dubai, by the way!!! Peace, and they play Janet’s FEEDBACK religiously, no pun intended. And they play LUV in the clubs.Peace, again.

Dear Darren, I love your work!! Ignore the haters! Your website is awesomw!! Full of great info on Janet. I been a Janet fan,since the Control Album,and without your site, I,as well as others would not have access to the vast amount of info you have provided to the Janet Jackson fans. We Love You!! Mark


Peace – Jon

It’s retarded that people were over reacting when the site went down and they had to wait (at the most) a half hour later than planned. And people thinking you owe them because ur site went down. People are so greedy and rude.

I agree , this is one of the best Janet sites out there and always seems to be one of the most up todate, so keep up the good work

hey darren, i really enjoy your site and i thank you for doing it. are you in london? i’m coming there for the first time on feb 25 and while i bought the album on itunes, i plan to find a record store there as soon as i can. i hope there is a european version. looking forward to more from your site and email me, if u do live in london proper, it would be cool to meet a janet fan there.


Don’t let the haters get to you. You have done a lot of good things for the Janet fans. Keep your head up! :)~

Thank You for all that you do. The forums are getting so bad. People ger more and more negative everyday. Don’t let the few bring you down when the many appreciate all you do. So big deal the site went down. Oh no they had to wait. Heaven forbid. We don’t see them doing anything like you do. Anyway thanks again and keep up the brilliant work.

Are you the dude that talks over the clips!? *lol* I laughed when you did ya talking over the clip of “2Nite”.

Ignore the haters. Just know that Janet fans appreciate the effort you put in. Especially the UK fans.

Will you be reviewing “Discipline” after it officially releases?

Darren I just recently found thi ssite and i think its great…don’t worry bout the haterz..they just mad cuz tehy don’t have teh ability to do what you do…cuz TRUE janet fans wouldn’t hate on you they would appreciate you for giving us a site that we can come to to find out stuff that maybe teh actual janet site doesnt have yet…so keep up the great work. Peace!!!

hey guys does anyone know if janets coming to the uk with her tour later this year…..x

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