Just quickly…


Hi all,

Huge apologies to everyone who tried to get on the site at midnight tonight. It appears that the viral effect of news spreading by the power that is the interweb meant that too many people logged on at the same time.

So once again, really sorry for that.

Finally, before I go to bed (2 hours later than I was planning!), I have to say guys, DON’T download the CD if you can help it. The tracks I had heard through my computer on MP3 format just DO NOT live up to what it sounds like on the real CD. Rock With You sounds VERY VERY different, 2Nite has a lot more bass. Greatest Ex has higher notes. If you can wait, WAIT. Trust me, as Janet says, she’ll “be worth the wait”.

That’s me over and out, severely tired.

Nitey nite


P.S. To all the haters that have been writing pretty abusive stuff on the forums, please remember that us webmasters don’t HAVE to do any of this. I choose to do it as a hobby, because I enjoy it and because I love Janet. The people behind websites also have feelings and although there are a lot of positive comments, it only takes one or two negative ones to make you question the work you do. But yes, if I’m honest, tonight I wish all I’d done is sit at home listening to my CD, watching the DVD and not even come online – but I did…for you.