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First photo from Feedback video set


feedbackvid1.jpgCelebrity blogger Perez Hilton has posted a photo from the set of Janet’s new video Feedback. The photo, which shows Janet’s make-up being retouched, is the first to be seen from the shoot for the promo which is due out in January.




  1. hello i jus wanna say yea 4 jan i never gave up on here..and never will..to the owner of this page awesome job..ur a true fan….

    p.s. where did u get this remix??
    i so need it where can i download it ..or can u send it to me threw like a file download page…im a jan remix junkie…plz i need this ..lol thx again rooney

  2. Really….another Janet in Bondage video? Not really what we need…..Its the SEX factor thats turning people off. So Excited was such a good song, yet ruined by the tacky vid


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