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Janet speaks to MSNBC.com


In a new interview with MSNBC.com, Janet answers questions about rumours of a possible Jackson family tour and co-star Tasha Smith explains how when the cameras weren’t rolling Janet hung out with them. Extracts below.

Janet on a Jackson family tour:

“I don’t know, there’s been talk and I honestly don’t know and I’m one of them! I really would love to see it happen,” she said wistfully. “I’m such a fan of my brothers and to see them all on stage together, I would die for that, die for that.”

Tasha Smith on working with Janet:

“She’s so down to earth and genuine. When we weren’t working she’d kick it with us and we were just girls having fun. And while we were working I forgot it was Janet Jackson. I was like where’s ‘Rhythm Nation?’ Where’s ‘Pleasure Principle?’”




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