Janet on why she doesn’t need to get married


041007_wdigm15.jpgAn article taken from OK! Magazine:

Though Janet Jackson and her boyfriend, producer Jermaine Dupri, have been together for almost six years, the pair have always skirted rumors that they eventually plan to make their coupling official by saying “I do.” And now the 41-year-old singer is explaining just why.
“I don’t need a piece of paper to validate what we have,” Janet told TV’s Extra at the premiere of her new film, ironically titled Why Did I Get Married?. “But that’s just me.”
However, Janet does admit that she’d be traditional about things if they ever did swap vows, saying that she would definitely take Jermaine’s last name, joking that they’d both then have the same initials: “J.D.”
That being said, Michael‘s little sister, who has walked down the aisle twice before, says she’s not the one to ask for wedding advice from, joking, “You want to ask someone who’s been married twice and divorced twice?”