Jermaine talks about his relationship with Janet

110207_grammyparty1.jpgIn an interview with Vibe magazine, Jermaine Dupri talks about his relationship with Janet. According to London newspaper METRO, Jermaine says:

“There isn’t anything we can really do but stay home

I took Janet to the strip club one time, but you have to understand we have a real relationship. This ain’t no Hollywood shit.

I got a worse life than Janet, actually, because now every time I go somewhere, it’s a cat with a demo. She only gets the autograph stuff.”



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I’ve watched you work for some years now I am about to be 24 in December, and you know its funny I’ve never ever took a stand about anything I dont know why I felt so passionate about letting people know that you are a person with feelings. It really broke my heart to see how cold hearted a person can be, I am talking about the Sacramento interview with that Mark Allen news so called reporter. Myself and a whole bunch of people thanks to Tyler Perry sending us a email about a blatant disrespect caught our attention when you we felt didnt deserve what that man did to you. I sent Allen and his Manager and kmbc 9 new complaints about the way he handled his self so unprofessionally durning a time he should of been talking about a movie. I was disgusted and told him you didn’t owe him any explanation that he is not God and he cant judge you. We all feel too that that incident happened so long ago that he was just a pervert that must fanticise about you all the time, that nasty creep. Well I just wanted to let you know that We as the black community were out raged cause good old Justin doesnt get ridiculed like you do and enough is enough. Good thing you arent me you would of snapped by now and went “Madea” on somebody.
Much respect,
Danielle Carter
[email protected]

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