Janet completes Tyler Perry film

In a message posted to his website today, Tyler Perry has confirmed that shooting on his latest project featuring Janet is now complete. In it, he also states that the film “Why Did I Get Married?” is now scheduled for release in October 2007. Previous announcements put a release date somewhere around February 2008.

Hey there,

I have been so crazy busy that I haven’t had a chance to write in a while. I just finished shooting the new movie, WHY DID I GET MARRIED? Just wait . . . you just wait.

Can I tell you that I love Jill Scott? That is the kind of woman that can smile and end a war. Really she is unbelievable. And Janet Jackson has to be the most professional superstar that I have ever worked with. She was the first one there and the last one to leave–always on time and no drama. These women put it down! I’ll talk more about the rest of the cast later, but this was the best time that I have had making a movie yet. We’re looking to release it in October of this year.



By Darren

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Omg i cant wait!!!! I thought it was gonna be released next year!!! YAY!!!! Now i can go watch it without getting impatient!!! :] Thanks for this! I will keep a look out for the movie! =]

i cant wait ti`ll this film comes out i think they got the right people for this one i have always knew janet jackson & jill scott. had what it took to be good actress. as for tyler i feel another hit on your hands. it does my heart good to see our black people out there doing there thing much love to all who is in this film with these wonderfull people and we must remember we need to all go out when this film comes we need to stand behind it in other words let`s go see it you know the first week will tell it all so let`s go out and keep proving them wrong that we will go see a good film be blessed with love floyd olds jr.

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