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Janet at pre-Oscar Ebony party

Janet appeared at the pre-Oscar Ebony party last night alongside brother Jackie. Janet was honoured at the event and is pictured giving a short speech. Others in attendance included Halle Berry and Jimmy Jam.




By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Janet I just truly think the world of you…..I just love the fact that your in love w/ JD…..that your career is back on track ( I heard about the Tyler Perry project ) and your looking so peaceful besides being strikingly goregous….I know other female entertainers like Christina, Beyonce’ and Ciara are benefitting from the format you have set up in the entertainment world(talent, sexiness and creativity)……..Your time to shine again is still ahead……..Your a ICON….don’t let no one especially the new MTV generation tell you different…..It’s weird that you were the #1 ICON on MTV to be honored and now you can’t see a Janet video or promotion for your album ot any of your projects. I’m not hating on Justin Timberlake but it seems that he is still a mainstay on MTV and you aren’t which seems a bit unfair and unjust but you have held your reign down for so long and with pride and dignity…..You and your family really put a major dent in the entertainment business and just never forget that…..You are royalty…..Ms. Jackson

I pray you have a tour coming out this summer…….I’m so going to be waiting with bells on…….I know this sounds crazy but I think you should let the boyz from Pretty Ricky go on tour with you……You gave N’Sync their shot and they really took off…..You haven’t been getting all your credit for some of the talent you discovered yourself…….Antonio Sabatino ( I couldn’t spell his last name if I tried )……The African born actor Dimjoun ( you should try to help people with easier names to spell or remember .hehehehehehe)……..The kid from the Go-Deep Video………J-lo might not admit it but your video help her out……..everyone that every danced in your video you treated like family and gave them the royal treatment……..your amazing Janet……xoxoxoxxo Always….I loved seeing the pics of you and Halle…..both beautiful black women doing their thing……I know you don’t hold any grudges because Halle and a few other women really ran with your ideal to do a bio-pic about Dorthy …..I remember Dream Street and hearing you in interviews talking about how she inspired you …….Twenty FourPlay was a tribute to her and the beginning of your “That’s the Way loves goes ” you see Carmen Jones on your wall…..I love you Janet ……

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