Tour dates due soon

Janet’s long-time friend and choreographer Gil Duldalao has set up his very own blog in which he hints at an announcement being made shortly regarding tour dates. Whilst he doesn’t give a specific date, he says that “the tour dates will be out in love” which is believed to be a hint that they will be published on February 14th.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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HI I was wondering how much will Janets tickets be for her Atlanta Georgia show? My husband is a huge fan, I mean huge and I would love to be able to take him. So please respond to me asap so that I can save the funds to make my husbands day!!!!!! Thanks in advance for your time Missy

I have been a HUGE Janet Jackson fan for many years and wanted to know if she would be touring Dallas TX. Please let us know about her tour dates soon! Thank you and GOD BLESS!


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