In the third in the series of a set of joint articles between Billboard and Reuters, Janet confirms that she is in the planning stages of creating a world tour which is scheduled to hit the stage in March 2007.

Janet Jackson planning for 2007 tour

By Ray Waddell

NASHVILLE (Billboard) – Although she has only a handful of national treks under her belt, Janet Jackson is one of the most successful female touring artists of all time.

Numbers back it up. Between 1993 and 2002 (when she last toured), Jackson grossed $94 million and sold nearly 2 million tickets to just 161 shows reported to Billboard Boxscore.

So as Jackson prepares for the September 26 release of her new Virgin Records album “20 Y.O.,” marking the 20th anniversary of her landmark “Control” record, fans can look forward to her return to the road around March 2007.

“My three choreographers and I are working on ideas now for a world tour,” Jackson says. “It’s always a visual thing for me as we start planning; I can see it on the stage. I don’t want to share those ideas yet, because nothing is etched in stone. But we’ll begin rehearsing at the end of the year.”

Jackson’s concert fan base is primarily a “white, suburban audience,” according to Brad Wavra, touring VP at concert promoter Live Nation, which handled her 1998-99 Velvet Rope tour and 2001-2002 All for You tour.

Still, he says, the audience crosses racial lines.

“Everything we ever did with her was strategically planned to be promoted on both sides of the equation, pop and urban.”

According to Wavra, Jackson “always understood that the African-American part of her life and her audience was an important part, and she made sure her songs, her live show and her ticket prices appealed to both segments.”

Wavra thinks the upcoming Jackson tour will be “wildly successful,” despite negative publicity surrounding the Super Bowl flap of 2004, when she revealed her breast during a performance with Justin Timberlake.

“I think that Janet got a bum rap,” he says. “She’s the antithesis of that person that was created in the media. If it hadn’t been an election year I doubt it would have gotten played like it did.”