Janet’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ in In Style Magazine

A short interview with Janet appears in the latest edition of In Style Magazine. She’s asked about what she likes to indulge in.

Midnight snack? “When I come home from a club, my wish is to have a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes. I only have it once in a blue moon – because I can’t have just one bowl.”

Shopping spree? “I’m a shoe freak, and I’ve loved Christian Louboutin forever. Oprah didn’t know who he was before I wore his boots on her show. For dancing I prefer Adidas. It depends on my mood.”

Late-night TV? “Conan O’Brien is light and silly, and there’s alot of laughter. I like to end the day with that energy and positivity – it feels good. By contrast I also love watching the news on BBC.”

Cocktail? “The last time I had a sip of something was on my birthday – and I felt a little tipsy! It was cranberry juice with triple vodka, made from soy. It went down so smooth, I couldn’t believe it.”

Rainy-day movie? “People probably don’t know I love gangster films, but I have the whole Godfather series and Scarface. The violence doesn’t bother me. I’m a tomboy.”

Fashion addiction? “I can’t live without jeans. Levi’s are always classy, and I like True Religion. But it’s always hard to find jeans that fit. Sometimes they fit at the waist, but then I can’t get my booty in there.”

Food? “The turkey burger from Fatburger is fabulous. Maybe that doesn’t sound guilty enough, but I order it with large fries and a strawberry soda.”



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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