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190606_aolpromo.jpgJermaine Dupri spoke to EurWeb about the recent controversy surrounding Janet’s upcoming track So Excited. As previously reported, J.D. says Khia still appears on the track but he also says that the rapper is not actually rapping on the song.

“Khia’s on the record because I’m a producer and I heard a sound that I wanted. She don’t actually rap on the record, I’m giving you the exclusive. It’s something that I did with her voice. I mean, a lot or people who hear it, they might not even realize that it’s her.

“I use textures when I do records and I just wanted her voice texture on this record, and she really made this song. Now she’s been complaining saying she’s been taken off the record, I don’t know where that came from. She’s really foolish to be out here talking [like this]. I’m still gonna keep her on the song because she ain’t know what she was doing.”



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