Janet pops in to Us Weekly HQ

150606_ushq1.jpgJanet stopped by the Us Weekly headquarters in midtown Manhattan, New York last night to celebrate the fact that her recent cover had become one of the best selling of all time. Mingling with magazine staff and ensuing media, Janet posed for photos and sipped cocktails whilst offering Us Weekly staff advice on dieting.

Janet was also interviewed by Us Weekly editor Ian Drew whilst at their offices. Asked about her new single, Call On Me, and the inspiration behind it Janet said, “It’s actually a duet. You know, I can’t even say what the inspiration is behind it. I didn’t have anything to do with it other than singing on it. Jermaine and Nelly were in Atlanta and they came up with this idea, they got me on the phone and asked me how I liked it so they could move forward with it or move onto something else. I liked it so they kept going and that’s how it all actually turned out.”

Janet also said that Hype Williams will direct the video to be shot in Los Angeles. According to Janet the idea was touted to shoot the video overseas. “We were going to do it in Dubai or Argentina, but it was a scheduling issue and [would have meant] having to run out of the country immediately after. I think it’s gonna be different. It’s gonna be fun.”

150606_ushq2.jpg“Some of the inspiration from Control is part of this album”, Janet said speaking about the album. “We pulled out some of the same actual synthesisers we used on Nasty. We’ve sampled music music that I grew up with 25 years ago and put it on this record.”

Janet also confirmed that she will be touring with rehearsals starting around November this year. “I miss dancing so I’m really looking forward to that. It’ll be a world tour and there’ll be a lot of music to sing!”

Watch the interview now at Us Weekly’s website.



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