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Janet dines in Miami

010606_miamidinner.jpgJanet was photographed last night leaving Barton G restaurant in Miami Beach. This article was taken from The Miami Herald:

Barton G. The Restaurant isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of going after dropping a whopping 60 pounds, but a newly svelte Janet Jackson did just fine when she dined there Thursday night with her entourage of dancers and security guards. In town shooting a video, Jacko’s youngest sis selected sautéed mushrooms, simply prepared without oil or butter, as her appetizer. For her entree: the Sizzling Brick Chicken (sans potatoes au gratin), seasoned to her liking, of course, with lemon juice and olive oil. For an added kick, Jackson requested Siracha chili sauce, a very hot and spicy dipping sauce commonly used with Thai cuisine. We’ve been reading that hot sauce speeds up the metabolism; apparently, so has Ms. Jackson. Instead of sharing the decadent deserts with her much more indulgent dancers, Jackson nibbled on a perfect strawberry, while using terrific willpower to resist the flowing chocolate. We’re impressed.



By Darren

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