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Album cover shoot featured on ET


240506_etalbumshoot1.jpgEntertainment Tonight was on the set of Janet’s album cover shoot for ’20 Years Old’ and asked her about the weight she put on towards the end of last year. Explaining it was for a film role, Janet said, “I put on the pounds for a film I was to do with Lee Daniels, the producer of ‘Monster’s Ball,’ which a lot of people didn’t know. They wanted a full-figured woman. She’s from the South, a waitress.”

240506_etalbumshoot2.jpgJanet goes on to say that as the start of filming was then pushed back, she had to cancel her role in the movie in order to work on the new album. She reckons that Mariah Carey will now take the role.

Talking about her new project Janet goes on to say, “I love this album, and I hate to say, ‘expect an album that you’ll love’ — which I just said, but I love this, so hopefully everyone else will enjoy it and it’s different, it’s a little reminiscent, yet it’s new and fresh.”





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