Janet Love got it right again!

Not only were we the first to tell you about Janet’s Super Bowl performance, but those of you that have been visiting the site for years may remember the following which was posted on Yahoo! News:

It’s been reported that Janet Jackson’s next album will mark a drastic change of style.

According to fansite, the All For You star is now planning to embrace Europop, as opposed to her usual R&B sounds. The reason? Janet’s apparently obsessed with Kylie Minogue’s last album, Fever, which features the worldwide smash single, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

So enamoured is Janet by the Aussie popster’s hugely-successful album that she’s reportedly given all her friends plus long-time producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis copies, to let them get a feel of which musical direction she wants to take. According to a source, Janet wants to do something “edgy and experimental.”

Janet’s album is expected to be released next year.

And what does Janet’s new album include? Europop! The track Slolove and the Japanese Bonus Tracks were all produced and co-written with European producers BAG & Arnthor. Janet Love reported this in May 2002 and it was dissed by people saying the site was making up rubbish! If you can’t access the Yahoo! article, click here and select any of the first three results!



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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:crazy: I don’t think EMBRACING is the term. I mean just because it has 3 songs (2 of these in the Japanese version) out of 23, does not mean she likes Europop that much. Oh please, Janet is so much higher than Kylie as an artist.

:DVery cool! I always visit this site for up to dat Janet info. I also appreciate the e-mail updates from DAZ. So cool. 😎 It is awesome to be recognized as an accurate Janet source. Keep up the good work!

Ya know what "juicyfruit" if it weren’t a good site u wouldn’t have come here and read it in the first place so maybe u need to get over yourself.

the thing about you, daz, is that you stretch the idea of news so that it sounds fabulous to you. you will be fab right next to the likes of critics in teh biz so i suggest politics or music business cause you LIE and fabricate. janet hasn’t embraced europop. slolove sounds just like together agin to me. i bet jimmy had a hand in the final production of all of the tracks anyhow. island life sounds NOTHING like any of kylie’s songs. even though cathy dennis is slated as a writer. so the fact you reported it is nothing short of stretching the truth that she was working with the producers. i wonder if your lie about it being RECORDED with cathy in london will hold up…..
round two….

lets not forget your urge to fans not to download teh cd and then you were busted for trying to get a copy of the album on a forum!!!! lololol

Yup, more and more I like this site less. With all those stupid popups(people should have to pay you to do your hobbies), and the whole put your addy all thru the japanese songs(which I found elsewhere), to u being a hypocrite, I like this site less and less.

to "J": I never commented on the quality of the site. The expectation upon clicking on a link for Janet news would be news on Janet, not it’s site master. Perhaps this Daz should post his accolades on another portion of the site so he doesn’t come off looking like an egotist.

and the whole freeloading in NYC thing. "Help! Not only am I going to bug you about donating to my hobby, but I need to freeload off you as well!" if you can afford to come to the US from Europe, you can afford a hotel room as well.

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