New York Fans

Attention New York fans: Daz needs your help!

I’m thinking of making a trip to New York in a couple of weeks time to see Janet perform at Battery Park and her HMV signing, but as an impoverished student, I need somewhere to stay! Any offers or any ideas of where I can get CHEAP accommodation? Send me an email ASAP: [email protected].




By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Theres a hostel "jazz in the park" on 103rd i believe..and one in the upper 50’s– they are near central park– cheap.. and very good place.. my friends have stood there.. very modern place.. lol

Hey guys check out 3 smokin hot tracks off of Damita Jo cd. Log into under Janet Jackson and click link that will forward you to the website.

Daz I would help u out for sure if I lived there but don’t worry u’ll find a place, ur such a cutie jus walk up to anyone’s door and say "can I stay here pplllzzz :blush:" and they’ll have to let u :satisfied: plus that english accent dont hurt either. 😉

Obviously this dude need some head DESPERATELY, so maybe u should go down to the street corner with a 20 and leave Daz alone. SIMPLE AS DAT ,ASS HOLE.

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