Gil reveals show information

When speaking to Janet’s choreographer today, Gil Duldulao said that her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live is set to be electric and will be remembered for a long time! In addition, he said that they have five songs to pick from and will most likely be performing at least three.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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DAZ, you are just too good. You always have the information first. You are sooooooo good. 😉 Isn’t the SNL episode with her going to be on in April? By that time, the cd will have already came out. i want her to perform some new songs on t.v. while the cd isnt out yet.

Oh… the last time Gil spoke on Janet’s behalf she was nearly arrested on indecency. So, maybe Gil should just say "Just wait and see"!


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The last time Gil spoke about Janet was before the Super Bowl. Than after that performacne people used his words against her. I think he needs to keep his mouth shut.

Secondly, the musical guest perfoms two songs at the most. Not three.,,,certainly not more than three (which he implied by saying at least three).

Gil is starting to annoy me. Ever since he’s been in charge things haven’t been going well.

:O i know huh. everything does go wrong when he’s involved. talk about bad karma. have any of you heard the damita jo snippets, this CD is going to be complete FIRE!!!!

believe me when i tell you 🙂 😀 😉

Well I can’t disagree with ya’ll on the Gil thing, but anyway I know the performance is gonna be on fire, even though thats what I told everyone I knew b4 the SB too :rolleyes:,well actually it was on fire coz ppl been givin her heat ever since 😀 but this is gonna be good coz the last time she did SNL it was crazy that Throb performance was too much, Janet totally lit up the place and I know it’s gonna be great again.
BTW I love that lil piece of thinkin bout ex ya’ll are playin, its jus one line but I’m already crazy over it , I can’t get it out of my head. :satisfied:

I read that its gonna be on Apr 10th,btw I jus’ read the lyrics to Warmth and all I gotta say is Janet u are such a Nasty Girl 😀
Go on girl if that’s what u into then get it on, I hope her mama dont be listenin to these songs,lol

Warmth is about giving a guy head. I couldn’t believe when I read that either. I don’t think her mom can listen to any songs on the new album.

I agree…if anybody is speaking on janet’s behalf it DOES NOT need to be Gil. He has said way too much before…let it be a surprise!

Hahaha, well yall should read the lyrics to "Moist." In that song she is talking about somebody giving her head.

How come no one told me she was on the cover of Ebony magazine…my brother told me all this time i thought the article was a feature in there….silly me :crazy:

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