I Want You Premiere

According to The Urban Buzz, Janet’s video for I WANT YOU will premiere in the United States on March 16th 2004 on BET’s Access Granted.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I hope I Want You will be the US single.. It’s a stronger single than JALW.. And I also hope that that date is accurate so as not to get the fans hopes high again then disappoint them by not showing the video at the stated time..

Wow thats a bit soon, I mean I havent even seen JALW on tv yet and IWY is gonna come on in like a week, well Janet always gets it right so I guess she knows what she’s doin,it would be so cool if both her videos were rivalin’ for the top spot, hey we can make that happen we can vote for both of them on 106th &Park and stuff. Can’t wait to see the makin of IWY, its gonna be CRAZY (or maybe I should say its gonna be really nice since some folks gettin down on Daz for usin terms like "stupid") 😀 I see u Daz, Big ups to u guy, I can’t get over how much I love this site. 😉

First of all, the only reason she released the two videos is because they refused to play the first one over here in the U.S. on MTV which is the more mainstream station you know, for a mainstream song. Now, I don’t know if you live in the United States but we want to see janet too, so she released another video! That song is doing well here so the video has a better chance of getting played on the urban channels that aren’t banning her. Anyway, you should be so lucky to have the two!! and she is not the first person to do that, after all the more exposure an artist has the more people are likely to buy that album because all you can think about is janet. So stop hating :rolleyes:

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