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{{popup damitajo.jpg Damita Jo 600×600}}The tracklisting for Janet’s new album has been released. Tower Records reports that the following songs will be on the US release of Damita Jo. The Japanese version is scheduled to include TWO BONUS TRACKS according to HMV Japan.

Looking For Love
Damita Jo
Strawberry Bounce
My Baby (featuring Kanye West)
The Islands
Spending Time With You
Magic Hour
Island Life
All Nite (Don’t Stop)
R & B Junkie
I Want You
Like You Don’t Love Me
Thinkin’ Bout My X
It All Comes Down To Love
The One
Slo Love
Just A Little While
I’m Here
Put Your Hands On



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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:rolleyes: hmmm interesting..can’t wait to hear them all! 😛 :laugh: :rolleyes: 😀 🙂

i really like the names of these songs… I wonder if there will be interludes on the album too, b/c Janet is known them… yay cant wait til 3/30

How do you get the japanese version. Why so stars put the bonus tracks on the other versions, except the ones in the u.s.!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the cd.

All of ’em sound cool but I gotta hear Sexhibition, Warth and Moist as a matter of fact I’m gettin’ a lil’ warm and moist just thinkin’ bout what those songs will be about :blush:, they’re makin me think of those Prince songs where it was jus’ about sex and nothin’ else, I’ve grown tired of these love songs, bring on the raw sex girl and don’t stop till i say say so :laugh:

hey guys i had a dream of janet singing a song out of this album!!! IM YOUR COWGIRL!! it was very good song when she singing it in the dream ! HEY JANET MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME BABY BE MY COWGURL AND YOU CAN STAY UP ON ME ALL NIGHT LONG!! AND WE CAN BE TOGETHER ALL NIGHT LONG!!! YEAH BABY!! AND MAKE THIS RIDE FOR EVER !!! YEAH !! CAUSE YOU’R MY COWGIRL!!!!


LOL, damn tequila u a lil crazy aint ya, u always say some crazy sh!t that makes me :laugh:, and why do I get the feelin’ ur a girl? well if u r and Janet can’t be ur cowgirl, I’ll gladly take her place :blush: 😉 😀

daymmm !!!! J ! yes i am a girl !! and im serious about the dream!! she was singing this song on stage to a crowd!! i wish i can go back and rememeber how it goes MY DREAM SONG CAN BE A REALITY !!! actualy i had this months ago i told all the fans about it !! in the miss janet fan club!! and guess what! J they said the same thing you said !!! that i was CRAZZY!!

:plain: :plain:

Awww I don’t think ur crazy, well at least not nutz crazy but crazy funny, ok tequila I’ll be ur cowgirl 😉 hope u got a strong saddle, coz I ride it hard :O am I bein’ naughty?maybe I need to be spanked :laugh: 😉

YEAH!! J !! put your jeans on and you’r boots , your cowgirlhat on , and get ready for wild riding!! i know that cowgirls stay longer than cowboys mn!!! i will be your life saver if you fall off the saddle, and dont worry about being naughty!!! all take care of that!! 😉

I can’t wait to hear her new songs incldg. her collaboration with Kanye and Missy E., I hope this is much better than janet’s previous albums. Janet I wish you all the best!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do you guys know if it’s been confirmed that there will be 2 bonus tracks on the Japanese release?

Do you guys know if it’s been confirmed that there will be 2 bonus tracks on the Japanese release?

these are so diffrent from janet – somethin or another….the other ones sounded like porn all the way through im trusting that this one is it….still cant wait!!!

i noticed there was no colaboration with missy :plain: :doze: :confused: 🙁 :angry: :crazy:

whos sings this???
*make the dream come true for me baby be my cowgirl and you can stay up on me all night long and we can be together all night long yeah baby and make this rife forever yeah cause your my cowgirl

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