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  1. So what if he’s gay Theresa? If that’s what you’re implying.

    I’m gay and I think Janet looks amazing no matter what she has on!

  2. I’m a lesbian…and if you live in the USA, let’s elect Janet for president since the people running won’t help us out!!! Anyways..the song I Want You is niceeeee. Can’t wait to see the Just A Little While video…naked or not, it will be HOTT!!!

  3. Damn! Janet got alot of those playin’ for the other team behind her :laugh: I always said Janet was sexy enough to get a gay guy hot now it’s been proven :D. Ty I think she just said that coz she felt he was insultin Janet not coz she was tryin to insult gay guys. Janet is so cool I think alot of gay and lesbian ppl like her coz she doesn’t act like they’re weird and she doesn’t use them like accessories like arsists like madonna does, she’s real cool about it like with the song Tonight’s the night which is one of my favs by the way, I always said that if things didn’t work out for Janet coz she was gettin with alot of guys who weren’t right for her she should try our team :laugh:but I guess JD beat us to it, that lucky mf, oh well. :satisfied:


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