Promo tour to kick off in London

The Miss Janet Fanclub reports that Janet will kick off her promo tour of Europe in London at the beginning of March. Janet Love has learnt that will appear on TV shows such as TRL, CD:UK and Top of the Pops.

The fanclub also reports that Janet will travel in Europe, Japan and the US.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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not trying to be rude but your website has already announced two different times that she was suppossed to be on trluk and she never was.

What??? Janet is not coming to Canada!!!! Oh no!!!! I’m dying to see this girl!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!


Janet was scheduled to appear on both those dates but cancelled because she wasn’t in the country. The information was correct at the time we printed it.

I don’t know why you peeps are hating on Daz?! He keeps on this site even tho it costs alot to him and takes alot of his time too! If he posts news which change after one month that isnt his fault! The dates of performances are always changing. So back off coz I know u keep on coming back to this site and read these news. Can u spell THANK YOU.

I thought Janet said her AFY tour was her last one, not that I was happy to hear that, but that is what she said, isn’t it? :confused: If it’s that she changed her mind I’m glad she did coz her concerts are the only ones I watch apart from Michael’s 🙂

this is why this site is annoying. daz always speculates about what shows he think janet will be on and he acts like it’s official news. he’s just guessing.

Give Daz a break!! He does his best which is more than what most of us know, cos I can’t find out ****! I hope she is on TRL and I can’t wait for the new album… Have you all heard the new song Just A Little While? I don’t think it’s one of her best.. I find that she has loads of wicked songs on the albums, but she never releases them!! For example, I think she should have released Trust A Try from All For You… I love her any way, maybe she keeps the best songs for the fans!!

i didn’t say that janet won’t be on TRL UK. But daz is just guessing that she’ll be on it, and she probably will be on it, but he doesn’t have actual proof that she’ll be on it.

Betsey, I myself can 85% comfirm that janet will appear on TRL in London when she is here.

This news comes from a source who actually deals with the guest list and can alocate tickets for fans. Myself and Daz have both spoken to this guy on a number of occasions, during which at the end of January he stated that she was penciled in to appear (her schedule
allowing!!) to be on the show Feb 6. This was later changed to wed Feb 18.

At this moment in time all i have been told id that she ‘WILL’ be appearing on the show when she comes to London in March.

As well as TOTP, CD.UK.


Ok, for all those people who don’t know what Promo Tours are I am going to spell it out for you. Janet may have hundreds of promo stops for her new album, and yes she most likely set up to do TRL in London. Now she can’t promise everyone radio station, music store, TRL, and talk shos happen, but she will make stops around the world. So don’t be so hard on Daz, he is right, she is slated to make a appearance. Please in the future go ask questions before you insult someone who is correct and consistent with his information. Daz Thank you so much for a great web site and you rock.

That’s great, i’m glad she’ll be out & about.

Daz: you do a great job & i know how long it takes & how much you pay & sacrifice to do it. I for one appreciate it. Thank you.

I don’t know why ppl come here and hate on Daz do they now wow much time,money and work goes into keepin’ up a site especially seein’ Janet is always doin’ somethin’ new, they should learn to be thankful coz they know they visit the site every day. I for one am thankful coz it’s here and no where else that I come to get my daily fix of Ms Jackson and all her latest news. :satisfied:

Well maybe in future Daz should not post information as "Official" when what it should be is unconfirmed. I think that’s what is pissing people off.

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