Heat Magazine: Janet’s breast has fallen out before

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Heat Magazine, a UK magazine, has printed a photo of Janet to show that the Super Bowl appearance was not the first time her breast has fallen out while performing. This photo shows another occasion when it fell out on her ALL FOR YOU World Tour at the National Car Rental Arena in Sunrise, Florida.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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well it could happend when a woman is on stage i whent to se vikki car at the arizona state fair and the same thing happend to her i saw her breast come out of her dress !!it i din’t think nothing of it !! you can really control accident on satge !!BUT HERE IS SOMETHING THAT I CAN SAY ME!!!VIKKI!! AND JANET HAVE THE NICEST BREAST!!!! 😉 :blush:

wow! people are really startin to aggrivate me. They are that desperate to find pics that are 3 years old of janet. big freakin deal!

did they really need to do that,? thats just not nessessary who cares if it happened before :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Seriously, have some respect for the woman. There was no need for the magazine to do that. I’m amazed that breasts don’t pop out more the way she is always dancing. This wasn’t right for them to do though.

I’m sure when JJ sees all this crap about her in magz, she doesn’t give a shit and the public too. JJ looks like a bad ass! That’s why I hink she’s really cool.

hi all janet fans !these pics are 100% fake …. i watched the tour many many times and i dint se any sort of thing like that ! " GOD KNOW WHAT JANET WILL DO IF SHE HEARS THE NEWS :confused: BYE 🙂

hi all janet fans !these pics are 100% fake …. i watched the tour many many times and i dint se any sort of thing like that ! " GOD KNOW WHAT JANET WILL DO IF SHE HEARS THE NEWS :confused: BYE 🙂

:doze:–OKAY already!! Is’nt this about overkill now. the SUPERBOWL was how long ago? GET OVER IT ALREADY! DAmn , it was just a BREAST~ We see more than that on TRL videos that are shown mostly to kids and teens! I mean, would this really be a big deal if it were Brtiney or Christina? Or is this blown out of proportion because is a BLACK ICON and the sister of another overly criticized pop icon? GIVE IT A REST. JANET’s Breast is the BOMB! Let’s be glad that Roseanne didn’t expose her saggy WHITE breast!

Furthermore, I think the media is hypocritical! Janet is persecuted and Justin is hailed as the next Marvin Gaye or something. I mean, didnt they perform together, but Janet is taking the brunt of all the criticism. Why is that? Truth be told..the pathetic halftime show wasn’t even good until janet came out. Kid Rock in an AMerican flag that was upside down–and torn. Isnt that desecration? No one is saying anything about that. And what was the purpose of Jessica SImpson even being there? WHat song was Kid rock SCREAMING ANYWAYS? I mean really, the breast thing was the highlight to an already DUMB, Abysmal halftime show! She should have shown both breasts and then Justin shoul’ve shown his little teeny weeny WHITE BOY PENIS! Now that wouls give the FCC sumthin to talk about!

Hey , shit happens,not coz she’s Janet means emabarassin stuff isn’t gonna happen sometimes,let it go now!

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