Boyband blames media over Janet stunt

{{popup blue.jpg Blue 800×600}}The Press Association: British boyband Blue has blamed the media for encouraging events such as Janet’s Super Bowl breast baring.

The group say the mainstream press’ increasing coverage of sex has made performers believe they have to push boundaries to get noticed.

“It’s a shame that you have to bare one of your breasts at a Super Bowl match just to get publicity,” singer Duncan James said in Singapore, where the band attended the MTV Asia Awards.

“You lot lap it up, that’s why they do it,” he told reporters.

“You lot write about it and it makes front page news in every bloody country. You’re promoting it.”

The band also commented about tomorrow’s Brit Awards.

“I think a lot of people from England are quite pissed off with the Brit Awards…because they’re so hooked up on the Americans,” Blue member Lee Ryan said.

“The English are very, very fickle, the press are very fickle. They’ll shove their artists aside for, say, Justin Timberlake.”

The prize ceremony for the Brit Awards will be held on February 17 in London. Blue won the Pop Act award in 2003 and the British Breakthrough Act award in 2002.



By Darren

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7 replies on “Boyband blames media over Janet stunt”

how dare they say that janet needed to bare her breast. janet is one of the best preformers of our time. she does not need to do anything like that to promote her self all of janets true fans are behind her 100%
love you janet stay strong. 🙂 😛

Okay..if there any little children on right I advice to leave the post now because it going to get verbal abusive..JANET DONT NEED TO DO SHIT, TO GET NOTICE SHE CAN JUST WALK IN ROOM AND YOU NOTICE SHE THERE, JANET DIDNT BARE HER BREAST IT WAS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WHO TOOK THE DAMN THING OFF, Blue or Green boy are just made BECAUSE BOY BAND ARE NOT IN RIGHT NOW SO THEY NEED TO MAKE SOME COMMENTS TO GET RECOGNIZE, daz you better check your boy band now :plain:

Wasn’t it an accident. I’m reading this comment and everyone elses comments and everyone speaks as if it was purposely done. It was already said that it was an accident. Is it that all the idiodic people out there don’t believe that it was an accident. If that’s truly the case then try giving her the benifit of the doubt. Becasue Just because you don’t belive that it wasn’t an accident does not mean that it wasn’t. Keep supporting Janet.

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