Album still being mixed

According to an update on today, the album is still being mixed. Steve Hodge is currently working on mixing 3 songs for Janet’s upcoming album at FlyteTyme Minneapolis’ studios.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I can’t wait for the album to finally come, so everybody can focus on what is really important – THE MUSIC, and not her personal business. I can’t wait until the album drops so she can once again prove to the world that she’s the BADDEST ARTIST EVER. 😀


For all you nerds out there who didn’t get it, I meant baddest meaning best, not baddest meaning worst.

I have e-mailed 20-30 djs from various radio stations. I suggest everyone do the same! It is simple, just get a message ready, copy and paste it into a ton of e-mails that are addressed to random dj’s. Their e-mails can be found on the web! Do anything to get this project moving! Janet fans unite!

Cant wait till the album drops i know its gonna be off the hook…but im guessing that there gonna wait to play the single on radio after she perfoms it the super Bowl thats just a guess.

oh my god!!!!!!!!! i just can wait till her shit drop im buying 2 on the 1st day then imma but some more later on……i was thinkin she should take it more 2 the streets on this album and more dancin……….im sick of britney spears and madonna tryin 2 team up tryin 2 thrown janet off her throne…..but on the flip side im so happy 4 her i know her lp will do well plus the show will help it sell…holla at me

Prefection takes time y’all. Look I can’t wait for baby girl yo either but mix means it’s coming. I hate football but I’m be tuned to see Janet’s fine ass do her thing. Who is wit me!! 😎

according to people I just recently spoken to Janet’s working with the producer from Beyonce, Missy Elliott, some songs were cowritten by Justin Timberlake, and there are a couple of songs
written by the neptunes, and also a calob with brother Michael, are these rumours thrue? (i hope so) and if they are, is "and she said take me now" in the remix version out as J. Timberlakes new single??? we’ll soon see, lots of greetings from a Janet fan from Holland see ya xxx

Just a suggestion but maybe someone could volunteer from each country to provide us all with their local/national radio station e-mail addys and sort it all into one 1 big on-line database of the WORLDS radio e-mails so each and everyone of us could send a mailout out to all these stations???? As i say, just a suggestion but could be good to gather this info now for the forthcoming single and album releases???

🙂 Only me again…

I volunteer to search for the UK radio stations infact i think i still have a list on my comp somewhere from the All For You era…..

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