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  1. :laugh: :O :O janet how ido not call micheal a child molester he is not a child molester leave him a lone and the goes for the media and poverusties your brother doing ? i dont think he did that im behind him 100% and for you people 😥 out there how think micheal did it do not judge micheal hes haveing a hard time dealing with this us janet and micheal fans we need to stik together on this janet ilove you and your brother micheal gigve him my love for me ok love kelly

  2. Am I the only one who can see how hideous this site is? I’m sorry to say that, but your site design is getting worse with each new release. :confused:

  3. About the layout of Janet-Love.Com….
    I agree that it isn’t so beautiful, but compared to janet-xone.com which seems to be very complicated, janet-love is extremely userfriendly. Everything you need is right here, without clicking through several links nor using the site navigation to see what is and where. Janet-Love is simple and I do like it! Daz, keep up the great work!

  4. Daz, I think your site looks great. I love it when fan sites change the layout every so often. It gives visitors something new to look at. I also like how the navigation is much more simple. I didn’t think it could get any easier then the way it was before. Congrats and keep up the good work 😉


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