Unreleased Janet songs

According to EMI Music Publishing, Janet has written the following songs which were never released: New Beginnings, Lucky Again, For Love I’d Do It All Again and You’ve Been On My Mind. It remains to see whether they are tracks from the upcoming album or simply tracks that didn’t make it to previous albums.

The song New Beginnings however was initially rumoured in an MTV news article as the first release from the, at the time, untitled album that we now know as All For You. You can visit EMI Music Publishing and search for further details there.



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:O i have always heard about these songs being written, but for some reason they were never on one her her albums. usually the artist will write a bunch of songs and then they will have to pick the best ones that will make the album. so maybe janet didn’t think these songs were good enough for her album. hopefully we will hear these songs soon, somewhere.

It is possible that some of these songs were too similar to songs that Janet already had decided to use on the album. Maybe New Beginnings was lyrically a lot like Better Days (just a hunch). Or perhaps, the unreleased tracks didn’t necessarily fit the concept of the rest of the album. Hmmm…wish they could’ve been released as B-sides on CD Singles. 😎

yeah i saw to that "how we roll 98" also featured the late rapper Big Pun who died a few years ago she should release that track one day im surprised it hasn’t been released as yet especially since he died and he has had a project been released after his death

😉 actually, New Beginings was from The Velvet Rope era, but didnt make the cut. Ive also heard of a song called "My Pain" that never made the cut.

No, "New Beginnings" was a song left over from All For You, but it was never mentioned as the first single, at least not to my knowledge

"how we roll 98" was probably a song where big pun sampled a janet song and that is why she is listed as one of the writers.

rappers don’t make their own music, they sample everyone else.

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