Janet designs new Mickey Mouse

Janet and JD dressed as Mickey and MinnieAfter dressing up as Minnie Mouse at a Halloween party recently, Janet has now designed a Mickey Mouse statue to be unveiled early next week. Alongside celebrities like Sir Elton John and Tom Hanks, 75 statues will be unveiled in California to celebrate the Disney character’s 75th birthday.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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As if she wasn’t adorable enuf, she had 2 dress like Minnie MOuse? That is so sweet , plus Janet designin’ a Micky Mouse statue. Boy Micky u better get ready 2 look "sexified".

Does anyone know of any pictures floating around of her dressed up for halloween?? I gotta see this.

that is sooo awesome for her! i bet she loves that, way to be Jan.
her and her minne and mickey …ooo and she loves goofy too hu !!


WOW!!!! THAT IS CUTE 😀 So……! :O did Minnie do something t Mickey? 😉 Am disingning something about Minnie and Mickey !! 😀 is mickey working on minnie 🙂 OK !! WHO WANTS IT FOR TATTOO?!!!!!!

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