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Audition Photos


Photos from the recent auditions to be one of Janet’s upcoming dancers have been released. Click on the two images below to make them bigger. For more, visit TheGilSource.com.

{{popup audition1.jpg Dancers Audition 293×217}}
{{popup audition2.jpg Dancers Audition 290×214}}




  1. i was there at the audition. it was wonderful. so many people. so much love. it was real nice. a great experience for all dancers. :laugh: 😀

  2. im mad i wasn`t ther cause i be breakin um down. :plain:plus i wanted to see me some janet jackson okay .elena you right they is kinda fly.holla at cha gurl.early 😎 😀

  3. like janet is going to use anyone that hasnt already danced in the world of hollywood; these kids are from ARLENE’s dance academy from BUMPKIN,TENNESSEE. a lot may be used as backup for the super bowl event but i doubt the tour dancers will be any more than people already in teh business dancing with britney / christina yuoknow DANCERS UNLIMITED……….


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