Kayne West working with Janet

Producer Kayne West will be in the studio next week with Janet to work on a couple of songs for her upcoming album. Kayne coyly told MTV News: “I don’t want to talk about it before it comes out, but it’ll be unbelievable.” Read the full article at



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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This guy is incredible, he produced songs like IZZO from Jay-Z, and most of his stuff on The Blueprint (Jay-Z), He’s incredible, Can’t wait to hear his stuff with Janet

janet’s new album is goin to be off da hook. she is workin with so many new people. she is goin to havea whole different flow. damn i can’t wait. 😀

This is an extraordinary site. If it hasn’t won any awards as yet it SHOULD! I enjoy coming here a lot. And I especially enjoy the picture gallery.

I AM disappointed to see that janet is still dating JD (I wated a shot at askin’ her out m’self; but as they say: "You snooze, you lose…". C’est la vie!

Th Dragon

Well she worked with Rockwilder on AFY and his songs on there didn’t sound like his trademark sound apart from bits of "You Ain’t Right" J&L watered him down, the stuff he does on his own is good like "Dirrty" by Xtina & "Lets Get Dirrty" by Red & Meth….lets hope this doesn’t happen this time around…

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