In the November 2003 issue of Source magazine, J.D. firmly states that he and Janet are still a couple:

With Da Brat squarely in his corner, other people seem to want to see J.D. away from the other lady in his life, Janet Jackson. In early September, the New York Daily News reported that Janet and Jermaine had been flying solo at different high-profile parties, and that after that she had broken up with Dupri via cellphone, a claim the J.D. laughingly denies.

“My problem with it is that niggas act like they [are] used to seeing Janet at every party, They gon’ say, ‘Well she didn’t come to the Puff Daddy party with J.D.,’ [but] you ain’t never seen Janet at no Puff Daddy party, so don’t get new ’cause she with me,” he says growing a little flustered. “This ain’t no Ben and Jen right here; that ain’t what we tryin’ to be. I don’t make money by promoting my romance.”

Thanks to: Desiree