ALL FOR YOU LIVE DVD – Janet commentary?, a multi-region DVD website, reports that the ALL FOR YOU LIVE DVD which is due out in the US on September 3rd will include an audio commentary from Janet. Although this has not been confirmed, rarely has incorrect details.

Addition: ALSO REPORTS THIS INFORMATION. Janet Love is in the process of confirming.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I hope it is not true!!!!!!
if it is, i would be extremely disappointed and angry because of the fact that I have already bought the Australian release, which DOES NOT feature any commentary.
This would be very unfair to people who have already purchased the Australian version. I really believe that all versions should be equal!

well, sorry u bought the Aussie version, but i hope it does, i love DVD commentaries. i just wish they would have shown the little bit xtra they showed for alright from europe. i’d also like for the preshow they showed on HBO on there. but ah well

BTW…did anybody notice that the behind the scenes stuff they showed on the HBO and all WAS NOT FROM THE HBO CONCERT!! if u look closley, you can see there r people on the side of the stage in seats, which couldn’t have been possible in the Stadium. u can also see the background singers up on the higher stage they used for the 2nd leg of the US tour, and finally, the shirt she wears at the end dosen’t have the "jewels" on it, and she still has her glasses on her head from RN, but u can clearly see she takes them off during the Knowledge breakdown. i wonder which concert the stuff was from…

Hey did you guys know that the US does not get the 6 post cards!!! They get a four page poster instead. which one do you think is better?

There is no Janet Audio Commentary on the DVD.

Janet-Xone already has it as a giveaway and DaveB and Mikel said it wasn’t on there.

A promo copy of the DVD also exists which has the same cover, but has NO extra special features on it. The UK DVD also had a small four page poster too as well as 6 postcards. Hope this clears up any confusion 🙂

The poster booklet includes the front and back cover of the DVD and in the centre is the black and white photo of Janet lying down with JANET’S SECRET written above her.

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