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Janet’s share in Boston Bank


From Launch.com:

Singer Janet Jackson is among the shareholders of the largest black-owned bank in the United States. Jackson, as well as former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson, are owners of shares in Boston Bank Of Commerce, which has just merged with Family Savings Bank, making the resulting entity the biggest banking institution owned by African-Americans.

Bank executives say the $460 million deal will result in more banks being built in black neighborhoods across the U.S., and is meant to inspire others. Boston Bank Of Commerce’s Kevin Cohee said, “This merger will serve as a model and source of strength for black businesses as we unite to share resources and expertise.”




  1. I know huh, janet is a singer, actress, producer, songwritter, dancer, Icon, Queen of Pop/Soul, business woman damn that alot of titles. If a rumor comes out about janet being broke you can have a good laugh at that cause she own a bank!!! YOU GO GURL!!! and I was on the website http://www.thesmokinggun.com and I read the rene and janet divorce ( really rene divorce papers but anyways) he said that janet told him that she was "broke" I striaght broke out into laughter tears were running down my face how can you be that damn stupid to believe that?


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